I'm the girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes

Not the Lucy in the sky with diamonds one.  The Kristina on the earth with energy one.  Aka: Kaleido Kristina

It's just the way I look at life, and creativity (not artistic talent) -- our way of creating our human experience.  That is, you look at a set of elements -- the same ones everyone else sees, but with your unique twist of the scope, everything changes...right before your very eyes. 


I believe that by living your life in this kaleidoscopic way, you open yourself to exploring and experiencing so many new possibilities, and endless opportunities to create & live a true, creative and colorful life.

I'm a multipassionate woman into hiking, photography, watercolor painting, yoga, wine, journaling, intuitive guidance tools such as oracle cards, and energy alchemy...and the list goes on.

I use my kaleidoscopic personality to serve my soul purpose, not search for and try to fit into a sole purpose.

Kaleido Living is the essence of my work and the continued cultivation of my soul purpose -- to mirror and coach other multipassionates, like you, in your quest to embody the energy, creativity and spirit of being alive!

It's about helping to empower you to positively disrupt the negative patterns and repetitive spin cycles that keep you in a funk, or stuck in a slump.  I help free your creative spirit, express your whole self, and radiate your highest energy, so you can thrive in your role as co-creator of your most desired existence, and truly


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