You are so creative!

Am not.  Are so!  Am not.  Are so!

Stop!  It's true!  It's not just a compliment. 

It's a fact of life. YOUR life.

 Coaching to
Become MORE of who you TRULY are.

Hi, I'm your stoker
(not to be confused with stalker)!

Yeah I'm behind you, but not in the creepy the supportive sense.  I just wanna help you get out of the funk and into the flow of creating a true and colorful  life.

I'm Kristina, a certified Creative Empowerment Coach.  But when I say "creative" I'm not talking about artistic talent.  I'm talking about that fact of YOUR life -- your birthright (and responsibility) to create whatever you want in your world. 

Aaaand,  I totally get the frustration of feeling like there's so much more out there for you, but not knowing where to turn, what to go after, or even how to begin!  

That was my lived experience, so now it's my mission to positively disrupt those negative patterns and rote spin cycles so you can thrive in cranking out your truest creative energy to


Need a kick in the seat of the pants?

Uh, I mean a "kickstart"?

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Don't just take my word for it.
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Kaleido Living Coaching with Kristina really helped me learn about making changes to my personal and professional endeavors.  Hers is the only program I have taken where I feel I'm actually having fun while "doing my work."  It gave me the freedom to explore and experience so many new things.  Thank you, Kristina!

Daniele S.


I purchased the Creative Energy Playbook course as soon as I heard about it because I was in a funk, and there's NO ONE BETTER to "defunkify" a situation than Kristina. She is a true magician to be able to translate this kind of wisdom into a digestible and enjoyable experience! Sooo grateful for her creative wisdom!

Josette L.


Anytime and every time I need a creative boost, jolt or infusion, there's only one place and one person I go to -- Kristina and her Kaleido Living Coaching! She is always full of inspiring ideas to help me pounce on my passion projects, and help me stay in action until they become true accomplishments! 

Melissa M.


Hello, is it me you're looking for?

Just channeling my inner 80's Lionel Richie...
but I DO wonder where you are, and I wonder what you do, so let me start by saying "(I'm) here for you?"

Thanks! Talk to you soon!