Tick Tock Tick Tock

Pretty much everything I do, I do quickly. Immediately. Fast. I've always been what they call a fast actor. Hey, they don't call me "QuickKristina" for nothing. Part of that is just my nature. Another part is that I often struggle with time anxiety. Time anxiety? Yeah, it's a thing. It's the fear of wasting your time -- an obsession about spending your time in the most meaningful way possible. And I got it bad! But that's kinda good. Not the anxiety part, but the focus on spending it in a meaningful way. Oh, and just so you know - you can have it whether you're fast or not so fast. So, whenever I hear people saying, "It's too late...I'm too old....or I don't have the time.", I flip out and call total B.S.! Which can sometimes spin me into another roundabout of time anxiety...on their behalf! But whether we're suffering from current time anxiety (that daily feeling of rushing or hurrying that brings on overwhelm or maybe even panic), or future time anxiety (sometimes called "future trippin" where we conjure up all the "what if" scenarios of what may or may not happen in the future), or existential time anxiety (that sense that time is running out or slipping away, and we know it will never return), I still believe what we do with the short amount of time we have on this planet actually matters! Your well-being is largely determined by the value you feel you are creating with your life. So, I’ve taken on time anxiety as a creative challenge. Just a short, fun way of reducing the stress around it with ways to spend time in a more colorful light -- ways that are positive and quirky (another "something" I've been called a lot). How ‘bout you? Up for a creative challenge? Hey, the time's gonna pass anyway, so don't waste it on anxiety. Decorate your days with my Creative Kickstart Calendar. It's 7-days of high-spirited, easy ideas to help you create a more vibrant and playful life! Well, at least a week anyway. Download the free calendar now. Cuz' I mean...time waits for no one. But you're someone!

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