Let's just see what happens

You can't say I didn't try. Well, maybe you can, but "Heaven knows I tried". That's the phrase I'd want on my tombstone (if I was going to have a tombstone). But actually, I want to be cremated and added to a firework that gets set off from the top of a mountain!

With as cool as that is, hopefully it won't be anytime soon. So until then, I keep trying. That's the way I look at life. Every day is "Tryday", no matter what yada yada Yoda said in Star Wars.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, a real person with flat ears, 10 fingers and a full head of hair said, "all of life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better." What a freeing and flowing way to approach the choices, decisions and creations we make every day!

It's a totally different take on setting goals, or at this time of year, making new year's resolutions. It releases the need for certainty, perfectionism, and "success". Instead, it breeds curiosity, wonder, and surprise, and allows you to be self-creating, ever evolving.

That's the beauty of being human, Kristina -- you have free will and ARE creative energy! And you're all that now, so what are you waiting for? Listen to Waldo (yeah, he went by his middle name), "the more experiments you make the better"!

Who, me? Right now (not waiting for 2022), I'm experimenting with going "live" in the Multipassionate Spirits group. I'm trying my hand at watercolors. I'm experimenting with wearing a wig occasionally. I'm trying new ways to engage on social media. I'm experimenting with working from coffee shops. I'm trying to learn pole dancing. I'm experimenting with new ideas for the Creative Kickstart Calendar.

How bout you? Let me know what you're experimenting with right now? Or what you'd like to TRY today, this week, this year? Need ideas? Try clicking on any of the links in my list (as an experiment , and let's see what happens).

Oh, and there's always The Kaleido Scoop, which is delivered straight to you every "Tryday Friday" morning! Check your spam & junk folders if you haven't seen it. It's full of, I mean, full of lots of cool things to read, ponder, and...well, experiment or TRY!

Whatever you do -- Don't wait; Create!

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