Just for laughs!

Laughter may not have made the cut for your overall new year’s resolution, but it should definitely be on your regular self-care list, and here’s why! They (whoever they are) say "laughter is the best medicine." That’s because it’s good for your mood, your mental health, heart health, relationships, and according to Dr. Jean Houston"at the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities." So, do you really need another reason to get your giggle on?

I wouldn't think so…but if you struggle to find the funny that can cure the common ails of daily life, here's a healthy dose of ways that that medicine can actually cause you to bust a gut, crack up, or be in stitches! And hopefully, whenever you do die…you’ll die laughing.


During my yoga teacher training program, I had the chance to learn about laughter yoga, and try laughing meditation. It was hilarious, healing, and I was hooked! I knew I had to find a way to integrate it into my future classes. So I did. Starting with a simple addition of a forced exhalation of a "ha" sound to a round of shakti kicks that increased in speed, we wound up in peals of laughter while peddling the "air-bicycle" with our legs! This tiny dose of humor was a hit, so I created a whole themed yoga class I called "Laughing MATters". So, if you’ve got a goal to guffaw more, try this laughter yoga class held at a TEDx Talk!


Prefer to snort and snicker through a funny book? I remember my mom having to read Erma Bombeck’s books in the loo...because she could literally pee her pants from laughing so hard! The book, If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, What am I Doing in the Pits? was kept in the "loobrary" until she'd closed the cover (of the book & the toilet). Later, I discovered the side-splitting David Sedaris! Like my mom, I had to read his books in the WC to keep from wetting myself at the turn of every page! My favorite is Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim. So go, take these titles to the loo, and let your laughter LOOse...laugh so hard, you pee!


If you’re on a binge of boredom, rolling your eyes at almost everything, or sneering at "ha ha’s" coming from down the hall or outside, why not try some live laughter, compliments of comedian Nate Bargatze. This funny man's coming to Denver in Feb., but he's also got a great special on Netflix called The Greatest Average American - it’s just good, clean funniness! Or try the other funny family man, Jim Gaffigan. I mean, hey, even his name sounds like a kind of laughter. You know, we might say something like, "OMG, that guy totally made me gaffigan!" No? Well, I tried. If you catch his show, I’ll bet you’ll laugh again and a gaffigan!


I love a daily dose of fun-knee slappers and punderful ways to add humor to my life. So, if you’re anything like me, you might like this Laugh Out Loud Calendar with lotsa punny jokes on every page! Or maybe you just need to keep your sense of humor around your family?? Then you gotta get this crazy and comical game created by THE Redneck, Jeff Foxworthy! He knows we all have at least one crazy family member. And if you don’t think so, then that means it’s YOU! Pick up the game, Relative Insanity and poke fun at the family you couldn’t pick for yourself. Go ahead, pick your nose as you play - it's what rednecks do!


If none of the above ideas tickle your funny bone, then I don’t know what to tell ya! Wellll, that’s not actually true. I would tell you to: hang out with your pets and kids or grandkids! A baby’s laughter is especially contagious, and almost anything a single-digit-aged kid says is a laugh riot. But if these wee ones aren’t a part of your world, you can always turn to YouTube, Tik Tok, or Instagram. In fact, the most heart-warming and hilarious Instagram account I recommend is @animalsdoingthings! Follow them, and I dare you to keep a straight face. You’ll be laughing like hyena in no time.

Whatever you do, just remember that s/he who laughs last, lasts!

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