Don't Leave Your Creativity on the Shelf

Are you a poet and don't know it? I certainly was...AM! In fact, I've always been intimidated by poetry. Probably because I was forced to read only classical poetry in school, which I found to be totally baffling and utterly boring! I guess I was a little late to the poetry party, as I only started appreciating it in my forties when I discovered Mary Oliver, Maya Angelou, and Rumi. For the first time, I discovered poetry could be approachable, could move me in profound ways, could hold & deliver such great wisdom, and could tell stories...kinda like country music, only different. But that's just the story of reading poetry. I NEVER thought I could write a poem! Okay, maybe I could pen a little "Roses are red, Violets are blue..." sort of thing, but that's just a nursery rhyme. But to create a poem (which I've learned does NOT have to rhyme) that's accessible, touching, has a message, and reflects who and what I'm about? I just don't have the words. Or do I? Well, I didn't...until I found "found poetry". It's a fun, creative, and easy way to write a poem using what you find in your environment. The best source of lines is the spines...of your books! The idea started gaining momentum back in 2012 (like I said, I'm a little late to the poetry party). But now I'm hooked and just love the accessibility of it -- anyone can participate as long as you have a few books. And I bet you do. The best part is that you don't need to come up with your own words and phrases in order to create the poem. You get to see it in three dimensional form, and you can interact with it (play around with it) however you want! So, if you're a poet and don't know it, let your books show it! Here's how to sow it.

  • Grab 5-8 books off your shelf and start playing with the titles as lines of poetry.

  • Arrange them in various ways to get the creative juices flowing. By color? Alphabetically? Grammatically? Don't overthink it. This is creative play, so just get curious and move the books around like puzzle pieces.

  • Photograph your "books of poetry" and send it to me here, or post it on Instagram and tag me @kaleidokristina, or join Multipassionate Spirits FB group where we can create a "Poetry Fam" (not a poetry slam - it's not a competition😜).

I created the one on this page in about 10 minutes today. If I were to interpret it, I see a snapshot of a woman knowing the time for creative expression has come, and the way to experience it is through Kaleido Living -- to embody the energy, creativity and spirit of being alive! Want more of this kind of creative play? Grab my FREE Creative Kickstart Calendar, and start making your "one day", to-day! Don't wait. Create!

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