The Creative Energy Playbook

A lively, 8-week, interactive online program

Feeling bored? Lost your sense of wonder?
Just going through the motions?

Sounds like you're in a funk, and can use a boost, jolt or infusion of creative energy to disrupt that humdrum from beating you to a pulp! Then you can stop the shit show of "shoulding" all over yourself, and create your very own shift show by looking at what you're doing in a fresh, new, FUN way.  

In just 8 weeks you can get out of the funk and into the flow...

of becoming more of who you are -- a vibrant, alive, creative spirit with a masterpiece (life) to be created...any way you want! 

Amid the monotony of our everyday routines, it's easy to settle for less than what we really want.  We yearn for lives with more energy, enthusiasm and engagement --

but where to start?

The Creative Energy Playbook!

Inside this program are all kinds of unique activities and actionable ideas designed to help you unlock and transform your personal energies, expand your senses, raise your vibe, and reconnect with your truest creative nature! This experience is meant to wake you up, shake you up, light you up and lift you up!  It's not your typical online course --it's a 8-week exploration and experience of the energy, creativity and spirit of being alive!

It's pure creative energy that enlarges your life in an artful, heartful, mindful way.

Here's what you learn

How to use Energy, Creativity, & Spirit to...

  • Move through "funk junk" (disrupt negative patterns) with more ease

  • Gain clarity on your desires

  • Infuse play into your everyday activities 

  • Engage with the 4 Universal elements

  • Stay true to your Whole Self

  • Thrive in your role as co-creator of your human experience

I see you.jpg

You in?

Here's what you get

  • Creative Energy Huddles (weekly group calls, live on Zoom with access to recordings)

  • 2 private  1:1 coaching calls to help keep your mojo on go

  • Private Facebook group to ask questions, share ideas, and get support

  • A complete Playbook full of lots of engaging & inspiring 'homefun' activities to do at...well, home (with real feedback if you want it)

Here's what you become

A MORE confident, vibrant, passionate, conscious, trusting, curious, open, expansive, colorful, expressive, connected, trusting, engaged, creative being! 

In other words,


Frequently Asked Questions...w/ answers!😉

When are the Creative Energy Huddles?

The Creative Energy Huddles are our weekly group calls on Zoom, every Wednesday at 6pm MST (8pm ET, 7pm CT, 5pm PT).  The huddles are where you'll learn what energy we'll be focusing on, and what plays we'll be making for that week.  Nobody sits on the sidelines during a huddle, but if you can't make it live, all calls will be recorded and sent out so you can stay in the game!

How long are the private 1:1 calls?

Each of your 2 private 1:1 calls are 50 minutes long.  This is your chance to get coaching around whatever you're specifically wanting to create in your life.  We'll look at ways to energize, expand, and elevate your ideas and action plans during these sessions.

What is homefun?

Well, let's just say that inspiration without action is just bullshit.  So, homefun is the action part of this inspiring course.  These are creative activities designed to help you explore and experience more of the energy, creativity and spirit of being alive!  All the homefun activities are fully explained before we break from the huddles, and have further info & inspo on the accompanying downloadable PDF Playsheets. And I do every activity right along with you...because I would never ask you to do anything I wouldn't do myself!

What if I'm not Artsy?

Being artsy schmartsy is NOT what this program is about!  You don't need ANY artistic skills, ability, or talent.  This program is about using your creative nature (and yes, YOU ARE CREATIVE), by putting it in play to become more of who you already are so you can create more of what you truly want for yourself and in your life.  Think of it like yoga: you don't have to be able to touch your toes or do a back bend to practice yoga -- you practice yoga to become more flexible so you can create space in your body, mind, and spirt to move more easily and any way or direction you want. 

Do I need any special supplies?

There are no specific materials required in order to complete this course.  But if you're like me, I can't resist a new journal or colorful pens or any kind of fun arts & crafts supplies.  As we go along you may want to acquire some inspiring trinkets or tools to keep your energy flowing, but there is no need to spend any money if you don't want to.

What else can you tell me?

EVERYTHING -- I'm the creatrix behind this awesome program! I'm happy to provide any A's for your Q's that might not have been covered here.  YOU tell ME whatever else you need to know that will help you come out and make a play for your Creative Energy. Just hit the purplish button to the right and let's chat.

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All aboard
if you're ready to ...

Embrace the fact that you're a creative being (and know that that doesn't have to mean "artistic") 

Step into your full potential

Take action to expand your capabilities

Express your heart's desire

Gain confidence and trust yourself

Explore and experiment with your passions

Embody the energy, creativity & spirit of being alive!

Enroll & Invest in Yourself!
Spring 2022 Session Underway.
Stay tuned for Summer Session coming July 2022!

8 live, interactive group calls (+ recordings): Worth  $450

2 private, 1:1 coaching sessions: Worth $300

1 awesome & downloadable Playbook: Worth $200

1 exclusive Facebook group: Worth $50

Personal Transformation: Priceless

The program is valued at $1000, but you can have this experience for just $497.00!

Sign up 14 days in advance, and get 2 FREE oracle card readings! (Worth: $60)

The group is limited to 12 people, so Don't Wait. CREATE!

Choose a one-time payment of $497 or 2 payments of $277 each!